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Daddy Issues?

I am forever grateful that I grew up in a single-parent household. My mother has been nothing short of spectacular, the rock in my life. Although I wondered what life would be like with my father more involved, I have learned so much about being a parent from my mom and plan to be the best parent I can be when I start my own family. So imagine the rage flowing through my body when I read the following quote from CBS Sports columnist Scott Miller regarding Alex Rodriguez returning to the Yankees last night:

Nobody has been more disingenuous than this mutt. Maybe it’s his mammoth insecurity complex. Maybe it’s his enormous capacity for self-delusion. Maybe it’s daddy issues for a man who was raised by a single mother.

Daddy issues? DADDY ISSUES?

Stupidity and subjectivity are nothing new in journalism. We see it every hour of every day. Most of the time I can shrug it off. But Miller’s quote hit home for me. I take a lot of pride in being from a single-parent household, and to see someone look down on it as if it’s something to be ashamed of bothers me. Like myself, I’m sure A-Rod is proud of his upbringing. I’m also certain that he used it as motivation to be the best player and person he could be.

Scott Miller’s comments were horribly irresponsible, and CBS Sports was just as irresponsible in approving the article. Unless he knows Rodriguez personally, he was completely off-base in bringing his mother into this take-down piece. I’m willing to bet that Miller knows numerous people who are products of single-parent homes and not one of them suffered from “daddy issues.” So who the hell is he to even bring that up as a possibility for someone he most likely only knows professionally?

I saw the quote as nothing more than a lazy attempt to further slander Alex Rodriguez’ name. And it was absolutely infuriating to read, more so than the Jason Whitlock piece I read a few weeks ago regarding Jay-Z becoming a sports agent. Let this be a lesson to all sportswriters, current and future: no matter a person’s transgressions or your personal feelings on said person, no one deserves to have their upbringing questioned. NO ONE.