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Little Late, I Know

A belated Happy New Year, everyone!

Just thought I’d let everyone know that I am indeed alive … even after the shenanigans that went down on New Year’s weekend. I have to show props to the Giants and Rangers for kicking off the new year right sports-wise. The Giants ended the NFL season strong by beating the Jets and Cowboys to clinch the division title, and best believe I’ll be rooting hard for them in the playoffs on Sunday against Atlanta. The Rangers played in the NHL Winter Classic in Philly and beat the Philadelphia Flyers 3-2. I’m not a big hockey fan (yet), but anytime a New York team beats a Philly team it puts a smile on my face.

The big news, however, is that I’ve been contributing to the Knicks-themed blog BeatKnicks on the Aerys Sports network. It is run by my good friend Stacey, who also writes for Spreadin’ The News on Aerys, and (obviously) deals with everything Knicks. Feel free to check out my material there as the lockout-shortened NBA season rolls on.

I’ll post on here periodically as the winter goes on if anything interesting happens. Hope 2012 treats you all well!


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