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The Big Stoppa

I love it when you call him "Big Stoppa"

It’s tough to put Carsten Charles Sabathia’s worth to the Yankees into words. But I’m sure as hell gonna try to.

The 6-7, 290 lb. left-hander has done everything asked of him in pinstripes, making that 7-year, $161M investment pay off on a regular basis. Anytime New York has needed length from its rotation, CC has been there. Anytime a losing streak had to be ended, CC has been there. The situation doesn’t seem to matter to him, because he’ll pitch the same way every time.

Look no further than Tuesday night’s 9-2 victory over Cleveland. There must have been a lot going through Sabathia’s mind: a tough loss the night before, returning to his old stomping grounds at Progressive Field and being snubbed from the All-Star Game (though he would be unavailable anyway due to his start this coming Sunday) as pitchers like Jose Valverde make the squad. None of that fazed CC as he threw seven shutout innings against his old ball club, striking out 11 batters. I honestly believe that if you conducted x-rays tomorrow, he would have nerves of steel. Even when his “A” stuff isn’t there, I don’t worry because Sabathia will give the Yankees and their fans everything he’s got.

It is this poise and confidence that make me comfortable about the opt-out clause that he can exercise at the end of the season. I will admit to being worried at first because I thought it would be foolish to walk away from the bright lights of New York City and $92M over the next four seasons. But learning from Alex Rodriguez’ opt-out in 2007 and given CC’s All-Star/Cy Young caliber season, he’d be crazy NOT to use that opt-out and obtain what would amount to a three-year extension — one which would likely take him to the end of his career.

Much like Jeter, Rivera, Posada and A-Rod, I think we should all cherish the fact that we get to see a one-of-a-kind pitcher like CC Sabathia every five days. Because we’re gonna miss him when he’s gone.

Keep stylin’ on them, Big Man.


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