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No More Melodrama

Even this blog is relieved that the Melodrama is over.

It’s relieving that we Knicks fans can finally welcome Carmelo Anthony to New York. Not only does this move take some of the scoring burden off Amar’e Stoudemire, but it also gives the Garden faithful two stars who actually WANT to resurrect a franchise and bring it back to NBA prominence (unlike a certain superstar who shall remain nameless). While the Knicks were never meant to be title contenders this year, Donnie Walsh has managed to undo all the misery and incompetence that spanned the last decade and show the rest of the NBA that the New York Knicks are back to play for the next few years.

Along with great triumph, however, comes great tragedy. In this case, the tragedy is the package that was given up to obtain Anthony — Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Timofey Mozgov plus three draft picks and $3M. Felton and Chandler were in the midst of breakout years under coach Mike D’Antoni, Gallo was further enhancing multiple assets in his game, and Mozgov was recovering nicely from a month-long benching. Any of these four players would have been key to the supporting cast around ‘Melo and Amar’e, so it’s understandable for Knicks fans to feel that Walsh was fleeced by the Nuggets (I, for one, would have liked the deal done without Felton).

Yes, it was risky trading away all of those pieces. But when talking about a player of Carmelo Anthony’s caliber it is a risk definitely worth taking. New York is officially back on the NBA map in a positive light, ready to make noise in this year’s playoffs. And we can only imagine how the team will look once Donnie adds a legit center. There’s no telling how good the Knicks can be going forward … but it’s going to make for one helluva ride.


So CC’s skinnier and not worried about his opt-out, Joba’s “heavier”, A-Rod has a sense of humor about the Super Bowl popcorn incident and Hank Steinbrenner called out last year’s Yankees for not being as focused as in 2009 …

Yup, just another Yankees spring training at GMS Field!


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