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“Bash Cash Week”

Enough is enough.

With the way Brian Cashman has been ripped apart this week — and essentially this whole off-season — you’d think it was Duck Season in New York City.

He’s been grossly criticized for not trying harder to improve the Yankees throughout the winter. He came off as a liar when Rafael Soriano was signed despite his reported unwillingness to give up the 1st-round pick as compensation. He’s had his words taken out of context during a breakfast interview with Mike Francesa by various Yankees fans all over the Internet. And he’s even catching heat for guest-bartending at Foley’s in midtown Manhattan last night — an event that was designed to RAISE MONEY for Ed Randall’s Bat for the Cure organization.

I, for one, am utterly disgusted with our fan base.

You want to call out Ca$hMoney for anything directly affecting the Yankees? That’s fine. It’s 100% fair game, and I’m certain he would say the same. Yes, he has made some questionable signings/trades in his 13 years as general manager. But he has never given us a reason to believe that he isn’t working his ass off to ensure a championship-caliber Yankees team in 2011 or any other year. We as fans should be able to put our trust in our general manager; otherwise we’re setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.

But who the hell are we as fans on the outside looking in to question his personal intentions? How can we be so insensitive to the purpose of Cashman’s guest-bartending? It was for a organization dedicated to prostate cancer awareness. PROSTATE. CANCER.

Ca$hMoney hard at work in Foley's last night

AWARENESS. This is an issue I’m sure we have dealt with with a relative or close friend. And as someone who made the trip down to Foley’s last night, I LOVED the idea. I foundCa$h to be very engaging with all the patrons, even joking with me and friend to the blog Amanda Rykoff to make sure nobody slipped “roofies” in his drink. How can you not like that?

I’ll leave y’all with this: Brian Cashman is throwing all the chips on the table. Anyone who wants in can get in; we’ll be happy to have you. Anyone who wants out can GET THE HELL OUT; we’ll survive without your bandwagon, fair-weather asses.


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