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2010 World Series SIMULATION (Game 6)

As a treat for those of you needing their baseball fix with spring training more than three months away, I’ve decided to post results from a simulated version of the 2010 World Series featuring the Yankees and Giants (NOTE: All simulations courtesy of WhatIf Sports). Game 1 saw the Yankees click on all cylinders in beating the Giants on the road. San Francisco came back in Game 2 to pull even. The Yankees offense picked up Phil Hughes in Game 3 to take control of the Series, and Alex Rodriguez powered the Yankees to a convincing Game 4 win. However, the Giants thwarted a celebration at Yankee Stadium with a wild Game 5 victory. What will happen in Game 6? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Both the Yankees and Giants came into Game 6 with different motives. In the second elimination game of this series, Matt Cain looked to follow up Tim Lincecum’s solid start with one of own to force a Game 7. Andy Pettitte attempted to not only clinch the Series win, but also rebound from what was an abysmal Game 2 start.

Pettitte would fare much better the second time around in the 4-2 Series-clinching win. Although he only lasted five innings — he was lifted for a pinch-hitter in the sixth — he looked like the Andy Pettitte Yanks fans have come to trust. In a series filled with plenty of runs, five innings of 2-run ball from the veteran would prove to be more than enough. Cain was no slouch, either — he only gave up three runs and struck out five in six innings of work. It would be the first game in which neither team reached five runs. Nick Swisher’s solo HR in the second inning kicked off the scoring, and Brett Gardner’s 6th inning single put the Yankees in front for good. While not explosive — there was only one multi-hit game — it was effective enough to ensure another World Series win for Pettitte. Buster Posey provided the lone offense for San Francisco with a 2-run HR in the 3rd inning.

Mariano Rivera, making his first appearance of the Series, came in and did what he does best — close the door on the Giants and clinch another World Series win.

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And with that, the 2010 World Series simulation comes to a close. Alex Rodriguez (.375 AVG, 5 R, 3 HR, 9 RBI) was awarded World Series MVP, with Curtis Granderson (.320 AVG, 11 RBI) and Jorge Posada (.391 AVG) also receiving consideration. The pitching in general was up and down and the Giants put up one hell of a fight. But with a solid offensive effort from just about everyone in the lineup, the Yankees were able to pull through and clinch yet another World Series title.

I hope you all enjoyed this little simulation I posted. Don’t be afraid to comment on any of the six posts, and look out for future WhatIf Sports simulations on this blog!


2 responses to “2010 World Series SIMULATION (Game 6)

  1. Uncle Mike November 18, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    I wish, but I don’t think so. Presuming the Yankees won Game 6 of the ALCS, and then won Game 7, and stuck to the rotation they’d been using…

    CC might have outpitched Lincecum in Game 1, but the Yankees wouldn’t have hit Matt Cain in Game 2. Sanchez was shaky, so ride Andy and the bats to victory in Game 3. But Madison Bumgarner was “a young pitcher the Yankees have never seen before,” and besides, A.J. would have started, so that ties up the Series — if A-Rod does homer, it’s one of those, “Oh, there A-Rod goes again, homering to make it Opponents 8, Yankees 2, whoopee.” I doubt Lincecum would lose 2 Series games, even going against CC again, so that leaves it up to Hughes to outpitch Cain in Game 6. I don’t think so. But if he does, then Game 7 is Andy vs. Sanchez, and now I do like our chances. But I don’t think it gets that far: Giants in 6.

  2. cjsmoov November 19, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    First and foremost, thanks for the comment Mike. Glad to see someone actually take time out and write what they feel on here. Second, I appreciate the realism of what you wrote … but can you really say that Timmy handily out-duels CC in Game 5? You could say the same about Cliff Lee in the (real-life) Series — and he actually DID lose twice to the Giants

    But hey, that’s why this was a simulation, right?

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